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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What COVID precautions do we take?
    We are fully vaccinated and clean our gear between sessions with Clorox wipes. Our archery range is outdoors, so masks are not required. However, if you feel more confortable wearing one, please feel free to do so.
  • What should I wear and bring?
    Closed-toed shoes. Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing (I.e. t-shirt, jeans, leggings, shorts, athletic apparel, etc). Hats (optional): ball caps okay, no wide brims off to the side of the head. No dangling items around the neck (necklaces, pull ties, lanyards, etc) Long hair must be tied back. Sunscreen Water bottle. It can get hot on the range! Lunch or a snack if you are attending more than one session in a day
  • Why are sessions only available for those aged 10 and up?
    The bows we currently use are Genesis compound bows, which tend to be too heavy for those under 10 years old. If there is enough interest in having an "under 10" session, I will consider getting lighter recurve bows that work better for that age group. Please contact the range master if you are interested in having such a session.
  • Can I attend an open shoot session if I have not taken an instructional session?
    If you are under 18 years old, you must take an instructional session before "qualifying" to take part in an open shoot session. It is highly recommended that adults 18 and over take part in an instructional session first if they are not already experienced archers. However, experienced adult archers are welcome to attend open shoots without prior instruction from the range master, with a brief safety and procedure review done before shooting commences.
  • Can I sign up for an open shoot session on the same day I have an instructional session?
    Yes! As long as the instructional session comes first, you can come back for an open shoot session later that day. Archery is more tiring than it looks, so I schedule 30 minute breaks between sessions in case you want to schedule instructional and open shoot sessions back to back to give you time to rest, recharge and hydrate!
  • What should I do if I want to use range gear for an open shoot session?
    Just sign up to rent the gear ($10) for the same open shoot session you are signing up for.
  • Can I use my own gear during an open shoot?
    Yes! Personal bows and arrows must be inspected and approved by the range master prior to use on the range. No crossbows allowed on the range without prior approval from the range master. All personal arrows must be target shooting arrows only. No hunting arrows allowed on the range. If you use a personal bow with range arrows, the $10 rental cost will be applied
  • Can I schedule a group session for my Girl Scout, Boy Scout, mom group, parent/child, whole family, etc.?"
    Yes! I am a Girl Scout mom and most of my teaching experience is with such groups. Please contact the Range Master and we can schedule based on the size of your group. Groups of 4 or less can schedule a typical 1 hour session ($60/participant). Groups between 5-8 people will require a 2 hour session ($90/participant).
  • What is the distance from the firing line to the targets?
    All lessons are taught on a standard 30’ range. Any requests for longer range shooting must be made to the rangemaster ahead of time and a special session can be scheduled.
  • What is the refund policy?
    If a session needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather, the range master will contact you at least one day prior to the session and a full refund will be given. If you need to cancel a session, please do so no later than 24 hours before the session to receive a refund.
  • What if I (or my group) would like to take an instructional session, but can't make the Sunday sessions?"
    If you cannot make the Sunday sessions currently offered, contact the Range Master and we can schedule another day and time.
  • I'm getting bored with just shooting at paper archery targets.  Can you make an open shoot session more interesting?
    Yes! I have used various fruits, balloons and moving objects as targets before. How about a game of archery tic-tac-toe or battleship? If you want to spice up your target shooting experience, just let me know!
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